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Dr. Vilija Girgždė

Clinical psychologist. PhD in Social Sciences. GATLA-certified Gestalt psychotherapist

I've been counseling groups and individuals since 1998 and continually attending annual psychotherapy, couple's therapy seminars (B. and R. Resnick, USA) since 2008. My previous narrative and existential psychotherapy training was in 2010 (prof. S. du Plock, United Kingdom) and 2015 (Michael White, Australia). I conduct counseling sessions in English, Lithuanian, and Russian.

Dr. Viktoras Keturakis

Father. Husband. Clinical psychologist. Gestalt psychoterapist.

Counseling since 1995, I'm a certified Gestalt psychoterapist after finishing postgraduate studies at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute and completing training at Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles (GATLA) in 2014. I have received my PhD in social sciences from Vilnius University in 2009. I have attended existential psychotherapy seminars of prof. S. du Plock (UK) in 2010. I continue to attend the annual GATLA psychotherapy seminars. I conduct counseling sessions in English, Lithuanian, and Russian.

Our view on couples

Vilija Girgždė

Every couple is unique. There are no as it should be's, there are only as we want's. It is difficult for an individual to remain themselves in a couple. Couples themselves suffer from stagnant beliefs.

Viktoras Keturakis

It's intimate. While it's easy to joke about superficial details, it's harder to open up. It's uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing. Couple's therapy is a journey. Journey we take to repeat something we've done before. It's an attempt to leave old paths and forge new habits: the ones that help us listen and respond better.