Vilija Girgždė

Vilija Girgždė PhD

Psychogist, Gestalt psychotherapist GATLA certified

On couples

Every couple is unique. Couple is co-created by each one's personal input and response. There is a human dilemma - how to be in couple and be oneself. Fixed attitudes limit the creation of the connection. It is important to review these attitudes.
New vows could be:
I promise to know my needs, your needs and talk about them.

About Vilija

Clinical psychologist. PhD in Social Sciences. GATLA-certified Gestalt psychotherapist

I've been counselling groups and individuals since 1998 and continually attending annual psychotherapy, couple's therapy seminars (R. and R. Resnick, USA) since 2008. My previous narrative and existential psychotherapy training was in 2010 (prof. S. du Plock, United Kingdom) and 2015 (Michael White, Australia). I work in English, Lithuanian.

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